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Joe Russo: We always said that the whole movie lives or dies on that last scene between him and Bucky. You know, this third act is a fait accompli in a way. It’s a superhero movie.

Steve McFeely: I suspect he will win.

Joe Russo: The expectation is that he will win. But the real story is will he win Bucky, will he save his friend, will his friend kill him, will he have to kill his friend? The tragedy of that moment was the most important thing to us as directors in the third act. That’s the real climax of the act. 

Steve McFeely: Yeah, from jump street we always worked towards getting to: “I will sacrifice myself in order to reach my friend.” And so “end of the line” has been the line since the very beginning. And Sebastian nails it, it cracks him. 

Chris Markus: Again, it’s about Steve trying to save his past.

Joe Russo: It’s the last thing he has left.

- Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blu-ray Audio Commentary


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the entire history of human desire takes about seventy minutes to tell. unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of time.

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this is the most beautiful and amazing thing i have ever read in my entire life and it makes me so so happy


this is the most beautiful and amazing thing i have ever read in my entire life and it makes me so so happy

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Can we just talk about the moment when the Howling Commandos realize that the only reason any of them made it out is because Steve loves Bucky That. Fucking. Much.? That if Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes were just a tiny bit less adorable, they’d all be dead?


It was getting late, that portion of the night where the alcohol was no longer making you forget quite as well as it had been.  The Howling Commandos lingered around the table, none of them ready to test whether the prison bars would still be there when they closed their eyes.

The gal in the red dress had come and gone, but Rogers was still in the back, nursing the same beer he’d had all night and deep in conversation with Barnes.

Dugan, watching them, sighed. “He’s the reason we’re alive, you know.”

Morita gave him an “Are you kidding me?” look. “Rogers? Yeah, I was kind of there for that.”

Dugan shook his head. “No, Barnes.”

Falsworth nodded. “He’s the one Rogers went in there to get.” Dernier did the same, saying something in French that Gabe responded to with a solemn expression.

“Can’t be,” Morita scoffed, taking another drink. “You don’t break into an enemy base just to get one guy.”

“Did you listen to the chatter when we got back?” Gabe asked. “No one, including the general, expected to see us.”

“I heard someone say that Rogers offered himself up for disciplinary action,” Falsworth added. “The general, unsurprisingly, declined the offer.”

“And when he was letting us out, he didn’t ask us a single question about enemy intel or guard placement,” Gabe continued.

Dugan nodded. “The only thing he cared about was knowing where Barnes was.”

Silence fell around the table as everyone’s eyes went to the two men still sitting at the back bar.

“So what we’re saying is that the guy we just promised to follow into battle went on a suicide run for one guy,” Morita said finally.

“And saved all of our asses in the process,” Dugan added.

Morita considered this for a moment, then nodded. “I can live with that.”

Falsworth did the same. “That kind of loyalty is a fine thing.”

Dernier said something again, Gabe leaning close while they held a murmured conversation in French. They both looked almost sad.

 “What did he say?” Morita asked, needing to know.

Gabe turned back to the rest of the group. “He asked what would happen to Rogers if Barnes died.”

The men looked at each other. “Let’s hope we never have to find out,” Falsworth said finally, speaking for all of them.

They all toasted to it.  

Oh god this person took my post and made it wonderfully sad. *sob*

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Can we just appreciate:


That the picture of Peggy that Steve has was clipped from a newpaper?

Like, this dork is too chicken to ask her for a damned picture so he got a paper from god-knows-where and clipped her picture out and put it in his compass.

I mean, can you imagine if someone caught him doing it?

Steve what are you doing?

Go away Bucky I’m busy.

…Is that Agent Carter?

I said go away.

Steve why don’t you just ask her for—



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if trees could talk i’d probably get emotionally attached to them


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URL graphics: capnroger
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Back from the Farmers Market


Back from the Farmers Market

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